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FOGEX® Water Mist Fire Protection System – High Pressure
FOGEX® Water Mist Fire Protection System – High Pressure

FOGEX has been tested in accordance with IMO Guidelines MSC/Circ. 668/728 , MSC/Circ. 1165  for use in machinery spaces and cargo pump rooms (upto 4,000m³), IMO MSC/Circ. 913 for local applications and Factory Mutual Research Corporation combustion turbines, machinery spaces, and special hazard machinery spaces for enclosures up to 500m³.


FOGEX High Pressure Characteristics:

  • Small diameter pipe down to 9mm bore
  • Small nozzle fittings 3/8” BSPP
  • Stainless steel pipe & fittings
  • Flow rates per nozzle as low as 3.4 LPM to 22LPM
  • Fog-like distribution achieves entrainment in recessed areas
  • Minimal water quantity
  • Long retention time of small water mist droplets (no need for room sealing)
  • Versatility of design (flow quantities,system types, location of water tank)

High-Pressure > 35 bars

  • FOGEX is a 100-120 bar system
  • Mist generated by water flowing through small orifices
  • Droplet size 1 to 100 microns (average 50 microns)
MISTEX Water Mist Fire Protection System – Low Pressure
MISTEX Water Mist Fire Protection System – Low Pressure

MISTEX Low Pressure Characteristics:

  • Slightly higher water quantity
  • Slightly larger diameter pipes
  • More nozzles required
  • Slightly larger water mist droplets (average 250 microns)
  • Galvanised, S/steel, copper or high-density plastic pipe

Medium <35 & Low Pressure <12.5 bars

  • MISTEX is a 6 to 20 bar system
  • Droplet size 100 to 350 microns
  • Mist generated by water flowing through swirl chambers

Phirex Australia water mist fire protection systems are supplied in two forms:

  • Pump systems
  • Pressure Skid Modules (PSMs)
FOGEX® Pump Systems
FOGEX® Pump Systems

FOGEX pump systems comprise either electric high-pressure reciprocating piston pump(s) or diesel high-pressure reciprocating piston pumps. Pneumatic driven pumps are also possible upon request. Stainless steel axial piston pumps can be supplied for specific projects.

High-pressure piston pumps are connected to the water supply and to the stainless steel distribution pipe network that contains the water mist nozzles. Pumped systems are supplied with state-of-the-art PLC pump controllers. Fire pump skids are supplied complete with all accessories such as pump unloader valves, S/Steel pressure gauges, pressure switches, electric (or diesel) motors, high pressure basket inline water filters, non-return valves, manual isolation ball valves, 24VDC water dump valves, Y-strainers etc all mounted onto a heavy duty Galvanized steel frame with eye lifting lugs and anti-vibration mounts. Pump cabinets are NEMA-4X rated and can be supplied as explosion proof versions for specific hazards.

Diesel fire pump sets are also supplied with the above accessories including over-speed regulators, batteries and leads, ammeters, local auto start/stop panel, fuel tank, radiators for engine cooling, starter motor, drive shafts with safety guards and exhaust manifold.

Fogex High-pressure fire pumps are heavy-duty designed and manufactured in accordance with strict Quality Assurance procedures. We offer an extensive range of high-pressure piston pumps to suit any sized project. When more than one pump is supplied on a project, the pumps are manifolded together to deliver the correct quantity of water and pressure under continuous flow. Pumps can be automatically or manually started and stopped. High-pressure piston pumps range in sizes and flows from several litres per minute and in excess of 896-litres per minute.

FOGEX® Pressure Skid Modules
FOGEX® Pressure Skid Modules

The FOGEX water mist fire protection system can be supplied as a self contained Pressure Skid Module (PSM). The quantity of water contained is determined by hydraulic calculations based on type and quantity of nozzles installed and the desired system running time. High-pressure lined steel cylinders are used to avoid the possibility of internal corrosion or discolouration of water. Dry nitrogen gas is used for system pressurisation.

FOGEX PSMs are manufactured and supplied in various sizes and arrangements. PSMs can be supplied “loose” meaning that the water and nitrogen bottles can be bracketed to a nearby wall or they can be supplied in a steel cradle or skid depending on customer preference.

FOGEX stainless steel high-pressure actuator heads complement the PSMs. Fogex S/steel actuator heads can also be supplied with liquid level indication to check water cylinder contents. Pressure gauges, pressure switches, and FOGEX high-pressure 24VDC electric turn actuator ball valves are also supplied and fitted onto the PSM. FOGEX high-pressure stainless steel gas manifolds and regulators are also supplied as standard. FOGEX PSM water bottles remain un-pressurised until the system is activated. FOGEX 80 litre size water & gas cylinders are supplied as standard.