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Market Leader in Water Mist Fire Protection Systems

Phirex Australia designs, manufactures, supplies, installs, commissions and services its water mist fire protection systems throughout the world.

Established in 1993, this 100% Australian owned company has grown to become a premier manufacturer and reliable supplier of environmentally safe fire protection goods and services in Australia and throughout the world.

FOGEX® and MISTEX® Fire Protection Systems

Phirex Australia is a pioneer in the development of water mist fire protection systems. It is renowned for its commitment to research and development of innovative products, such as the FOGEX® and MISTEX® fire protection systems. These fire protection systems use atomised water mist droplets to extinguish fires and provide an efficient, reliable, safe and cost effective alternative to traditional fire extinguishing methods.

The FOGEX and MISTEX fire protection systems are widely used in Australia and overseas for marine, land, and offshore applications.

Why Choose a Phirex Water Mist Fire Protection System?

An increasing number of companies in Australia and overseas are choosing Phirex Australia water mist systems to meet their fire protection needs. Unlike traditional water sprinkler systems, water mist fire protection systems do not use large volumes of water and because it extinguish fires very quickly, any damage caused by the fire is minimised.

Phirex Australia’s water mist fire protection systems are designed to control fires in three ways – through cooling, radiant heat attenuation, and oxygen depletion.

Save Water, Money & the Environment

The FOGEX® water mist fire protection system uses less water compared to conventional sprinklers and other low-pressure mist systems. It uses only natural water without any chemical additives, thus making it environmentally safe.

The FOGEX water mist fire protection system offers many benefits, including:

  • Greater Efficiency – FOGEX uses 90% less water compared to conventional sprinklers
  • Smaller Pipe Work Making the system lightweight and more aesthetically appealing with less clutter.
  • Easy Operation – Can be activated even in occupied spaces without an evacuation plan first.
  • 3-Way System – FOGEX combats fires through cooling, radiant heat attenuation, and oxygen depletion.
  • Minimises Damage – Fires are extinguished quickly thus minimising water damage, as well as fire, smoke and heat damage.
  • Lower Capital Costs – The FOGEX water mist systems uses only one-tenth of the water of traditional systems making it one of the most cost effective and efficient fire protection systems available on the market.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Significantly less water usage and a footprint similar to gaseous fire suppression systems makes FOGEX an environmentally sound investment.
  • Added Safety High Velocity Nozzles – FOGEX® nozzles have been tested in excess of 320-bar pressure without failure for increased safety.Fogex nozzles have the fastest water mist spray velocities attaining upto 8.4m/sec (depending on nozzle model) for deep penetration from high ceilings and to provide greater fire combat ability

Phirex Australia offers a comprehensive range of fire protection and climatic cooling systems. This includes project design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and after sales service of FOGEX® and MISTEX® water mist fire protection and cooling systems.

Fire Protection Services

With agents in Australia and throughout the world, we are able to deliver a level of service that is second to none. We offer very competitive prices and can tailor make fire protection solutions to meet the exact requirements of our clients.

We use AutoCAD, Solidworks® and FDS engineering software programs for computational modelling and design work. Phirex uses Fluid Flow hydraulic software program for performing hydraulic calculations to determine pipe & fittings sizes, for the selection of other vital components and equipment such as pump and valve sizes, calculation of friction losses, water velocities and system pressures etc. FOGEX and MISTEX integral system component data sets are inserted into the software programme for easy ongoing design work and for performing hydraulic calculations.

Quality Assurance

Phirex Australia is a Quality Assured company to ISO 9001:2015 accreditation systems. All facets of our engineering design, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning and after sales service is performed in accordance with our Quality Assurance procedures. This means our customers always receive the latest and most innovative Technologies for their specific applications.

Phirex Australia also holds MED-B and MED-D QS Certification in accordance with EC Council Directives 96/98/EC and integral system components are wheel marked.