FOGEX® and MISTEX® offers superior atmospheric cooling characteristics via rapid evaporation of miniscule water droplets thus reducing ambient temperatures to enhance comfort levels in high-temperature climates for industrial workers and public transport commuters. Fogex can assist mass rapid rail transit systems and road tunnel systems to lower ambient temperatures to acceptable levels. Fogex system has been tested in a purposely built concrete road tunnel measuring 100 metre long x 13 metre wide x 7.6 metre high and has successfully extinguished all test fires.

The FOGEX® water mist fire protection system is extensively used in Australia and overseas in the industrial, commercial, medical, government, military, hospitality, oil and gas and electrical sectors.

This superior state-of-the-art fire fighting Technology combines cooling techniques with radiant heat attenuation and oxygen depletion to extinguish fires quickly. It also uses 90% less water than traditional water sprinkler systems making it one of the most environmentally sound and cost-effective fire protection systems on the market. Fogex and Mistex are sustainable Technologies that do not harm our environment.

FOGEX Applications
FOGEX Applications

MISTEX® and  FOGEX® water mist fire protection systems have been installed in thousands of private and public facilities throughout the world. Typical applications for water mist systems include the following:

  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Combustion & Gas Turbines
  • Computer Rooms
  • Electric Cable Tunnels
  • Electric Switch Gear Rooms
  • Electric Transformers substations
  • Escalator Rooms & Rail Sub-Stations
  • Fat Fryers
  • Hotels/Motels & Old Age Hostels
  • Local Applications for passenger ships
  • Warehouses
  • Machinery Spaces, Engine Rooms & Cargo Pump Rooms on passenger vessels
  • Military & Naval Applications
  • Museums, Historical Buildings, Archives & Libraries
  • Offices & High Rise Buildings
  • Off-shore & On-Shore Drilling Platforms
  • Private Residences
  • Railway Locomotives & Carriages
  • Restaurants
  • Total Flooding Systems on land

FOGEX is an approved water mist fire extinguishing Technology and is accepted for use on passenger carrying vessels and other marine craft, oil jacking platforms, DPP’s and FSPO’s. It is approved by authorities such as, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), RINA and others.

Marine & Offshore Applications
Marine & Offshore Applications

FOGEX is used on board oil producing platforms (both on-shore and off-shore). Minimum SIL2/SIL3 certified Fogex systems are supplied to Oil & Gas projects for increased Safety and Integrity Levels incorporating advanced “fail safe” designs. Phirex Australia specialises in Oil & Gas projects meeting stringent project specifications and industry standards often involving explosion proof equipment to IEC Ex standards.

Land Applications
Land Applications

FOGEX systems can be used on electric switchgear rooms, electric substations, escalator rooms, fat fryers and baking ovens, prisons, banks, museums, warehouses, power generation, rail substations, high rise buildings, flammable storage areas, combustion & gas turbines, conveyor belt systems, Hydrogen Peroxide plants and aircraft hangars.

Fogex for Underground Road Tunnels